Our Mission is to surpass your expectations.

As a stateside manufacturer, we differentiate ourselves in highly specialized materials, processes, service and machinery. If you need quality then you need Goodyear. If you need service then you need Goodyear. If you need the best then you need us. Headquartered within an hour of almost any Southern California location, Goodyear Rubber Company is strategically positioned to best serve your company’s every elastomer need.

At Goodyear Rubber, we serve a wide range of industries. We are a true turn-key solutions provider for all rubber products. We’ve got you covered for all elastomer solutions. With thousands of collective years experience in the Rubber Industry and an unmatched team of industry experts, we’ve literally done it all. Below are some of the current services we provide in different industries.


Aerospace & Defense

  • Various seals with and without fabric and metal sub-components
  • Cable Jacketing
  • Custom Profiles
  • Large Diameter, Spliced Seals
  • Bulb Seals, P-Seals
  • Center Bulb Seals, Wraparound mounts
  • U-Section Seals
  • Lip and Double Lip Seals
  • Inflatable Seals

Rubber Manufacturing


  • Fuel and Oil Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Window, Door Seals
  • Floor Mats


  • Trulfex Pang Sheeting
  • 1/8” thk to 1” thk
  • Up to 60” Wide
  • Continuous Length; limited only by handling weight

Food Processing

  • FDA compliant Compounds
  • Canning Equipment Seals and pads
  • Manufacturer for Bear Products