Custom Elastomer Solutions for Aerospace & Defense

Goodyear Rubber Company of Southern California Company is a valuable partner in the aerospace & defense industries, ensuring the manufacturing capability of missile parts and various elastomeric products.  We actively work with customers and raw material suppliers from product design through manufacturing, including prototypes.  Our molded and extruded silicone products are certified for high temperature applications.

We also manufacture specialty seals with composite materials such as Nylon and Dacron fabrics, glass fabric reinforcements and various metal and non-metallic inserts including rubber to Teflon bonded gaskets and seals.

Goodyear Rubber Company is a leading supplier of rubber and elastomer clamping solutions for commercial and defense aircraft applications.  We manufacture clamps with Silicone, Nitrile flame resistant, EPDM, resistant to hydraulic fluids, and with fabric reinforcements.  Our compounds meet standards required by industry applications.

Aerospace & Defense Elastomer Solutions: We’ve got you covered!