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Reclaiming Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Parts

We at Goodyear offer an environmentally clean service, that efficiently breaks rubber to metal bonds. Our process yields a clean separation of bonded elastomer and metal. Large or small, any material or metal; We can reclaim your metal inserts.

Environmentally Friendly, Operationally Efficient

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    Any Application, Any Part, Any Elastomer

  • Tank wheels & tracks
  • Inserts
  • Blow Out Preventers (BOPS)
  • Annulars

    Re-Use your Metal Inserts.

  • Stipper Rubbers
  • Stator Pipes
  • Oilfield Pipe
  • Sphericals
  • Brass Rings

Metal is expensive and often it can be re-used if it can be reclaimed out of a molded part. Rubber to metal bonded parts can be efficiently reclaimed and re-molded to add significant value.