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Silicone rubber is an elastomer different from other rubbers in that it has an inorganic backbone made of silicon and oxygen atoms. Organic rubbers have a carbon-carbon chain atomic structure. The outstanding physical property of silicone is its’ retention of flexibility and tensile strength at relatively high and low temperatures, from -150 F to 600 F. Silicones are very flexible due to large bond angles and bond lengths compared to basic organic polymers. Silicone rubber is a material of choice where retention of shape and mechanical strength are desired under heavy thermal stress or sub-zero temperatures. Silicone rubber is highly inert and does not react with most chemicals and due to its structural properties, it is widely used in aircraft engine parts, door and window sealing parts, healthcare and medical applications including implants.

Silicone Rubber Information and Specs
General Information
  • Common Name: Silicone
  • Chemical Name: Polysilixane
  • Generally Resistant To: Acid, Weather, Water, Sunlight, Ozone, Oxidation and Staining
  • Generally Attacked By: Hydrocarbons, Ketones, Solvents, Impact and Abrasion
  • ASTM D 2000 / SAE J200 Classification: FE, GE
  • MIL-R-3065 / SAE J-14 / MIL-STD-417 Classification: TA
  • ASTM D-1418 Designation: Q
Thermal Properties
  • Minimum Service Temperature: -180°F
  • Maximum Service Temperature: +550°F
Physical Properties
  • Elongation: 100% to 900%
  • Hardness Range (Durometer Shore A): 30 to 90
Mechanical Properties
  • Compression Set: Good
  • Rebound Rating: Good to Excellent
  • Flex Cracking Resistance: Poor to Excellent
  • Abrasion Resistance: Poor to Fair
  • Tear Resistance: Poor
  • Impact Resistance: Poor to Fair
  • Flame Resistance: Good to Excellent
Environmental Resistance
  • Recommended Shelf Life: 20 years
  • Weather Resistance: Excellent
  • Sunlight Resistance: Excellent
  • Ozone Resistance: Excellent to Outstanding
  • Oxidization Resistance: Excellent
  • Water Resistance: Excellent
  • Steam Resistance: Fair to Good
  • Gas Permeability: Poor to Fair