Custom Urethane Cast Rollers and Parts by Goodyear Rubber

Goodyear Rubber Company of Southern California has been manufacturing urethane products for over 30 years. Goodyear proudly produces durable, withstanding urethane products to be used for various applications and industries worldwide.

Urethane products can assume properties of materials like metal, plastic and even conventional rubber but without the density and rigidness.

Prototypes for Molded parts

  • Urethane castings from Goodyear can be used to closely simulate final injection, transfer or compression molded parts. This process is quick, inexpensive and does not require an investment in metal tooling.
  • important bridge between rapid prototyping and production.

All Roller Types

• Large urethane roller castings
• Urethane hourglass rollers
• Urethane straight rollers
• Urethane conveyor rollers
• Urethane radius rollers
• Slip-on urethane rollers
• Dual durometer urethane rollers

Urethane Services Offered:

  • Urethane Roll Recovering
  • – Steel industry and Coating Industry
  • Urethane Casting
  • – Canning Industry
  • Custom Urethane Molding
  • – Any shape, size and color