Custom Rubber Processing: Sporting Goods

You’ll notice our Sporting Goods Customers have something in common: They are industry leaders in performance and quality.

  • When you need quality, Count on us.

Operating out of beautiful Southern California, we have grown to specialize in demanding parts to produce. Short lead times, short production runs, uncompromising quality or method of manufacture: These are the variables we live in. This is our environment. If your project is cutting edge. If you require support, service, design & engineering then we are here for you. We’ve grown into a full scale, full service custom manufacturing operation. Probably our strongest Industry of service throughout the years has been in Sporting Goods. We are now the largest manufacturer in Southern California of rifle pads and pistol grips. Running this line of products requires rapid mold changes and constant customer contact to fill an ever-evolving downstream demand.

We consistently supply various products for literally, the highest performing rock climbing shoes on the planet. We design and work with the toughest materials in existence. If your product is unique, cutting edge and involves an elastomer. We are the ones you need in your corner.

Being a leader custom rubber processing, you can count on us for your every elastomeric solution. From part & material design to packaging and customer service and support. Our mission is to exceed your expectations. Trust one name in Rubber. Trust Goodyear.

  • American Firearms Industry: Recoil Pads, Pistol & Knife Grips
  • Not Just Any Shoe Soles
    We make the rubber for the highest performance rock-climbing shoes on the planet.
  • Professional Competition Radio Control Car IndustryAgain, We are behind the best performing 1/8th scale and 1/10th scale tires in the world.