GOODYEAR Rubber manufacturers extruded rubber products for shapes, seals and rubber profiles used mainly for vibration mitigation, sealing, noise control and as decorative trim.

Extruded Rubber Products

One of our specialties is manufacturing extruded rubber products of all materials, profiles and sizes that includes complete material formulation services, tooling design and staunch support throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Over the many years of doing this work, we have compiled a library of rectangular, ID / OD dies and specific compounds that have the potential to save a significant amount in development costs whether you need a short run or a continuous cure production.

As a world-class ISO: 9001 certified manufacturer, the materials we use meet FDA and NSF specifications such as high and low temperature requirements resistance to fungus, flame and / or ozone resistance. In fact, GOODYEAR Rubber makes a superior product that meets or exceeds the most stringent standards.

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