Custom Rubber Products : Recoil Pads

We are a manufacturer of quality custom rubber products. Here we focus on our line of rubber recoil pads and various elastomeric grips for the American Firearms Industry. We have a great deal of experience in all aspects of design and manufacturing including; rubber to metal bonded, copolymer molding, super soft 15 A Shore materials to ultra hard 80D Shore Base Plate stocks, multiple cavity tooling. We’ve got thousands of years of combined experience molding elastomer firearm accessories and components and we can put that expertise to work for you.
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Made in the U.S.A.

Experience is our Strength

We mold over 300,000 recoil pads and pistol grips every year.

There is one name you can count on for highly engineered rubber products. Count on Goodyear.

Complete Custom Rubber Molding Solutions

  • Slip Ons
  • All sizes and styles.

  • Super Soft 15A Shore and Sponge Materials
  • Our In House Formula Development and Mixing Capabilities provide a competitive advantage

  • Base Plate Options
  • Reinforced and Unreinforced.

  • Knife Grips
  • Bring us your design ideas. We bring them to life.