Goodyear approved by Lockheed Martin for manufacturing engineered elastomer components
Goodyear Rubber of So Ca secures contract in support of SpaceX. The El Segundo based company designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.
Goodyear Rubber Co of So Ca, a leader in elastomer technologies for over 70 years, develops and manufactures innovative sealing solutions to meet the ever evolving demands of today’s industrial markets. From aerospace to environmental, Goodyear offers an array of highly specialized elastomer products to suit particular sealing requirements with a combination of experience, innovation and support. From bulb seals, lip seals, u seals and diaphragm seals to bellows seals, tadpole seals, clamps and line support blocks, turn to the first name in rubber for sealing solutions.
diaphragm seals
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Aircraft Seals

    Lip Seals

  • High Pressure
  • Uses pressure differential to increase sealing force
  • Seals parallel surface gaps
  • Mounting on non-pressure side
    Bulb Seals (P Seal)

  • Low Pressure Sealing / General Purpose
  • Good for straight compression loads
  • Can handle some transverse relative movement
  • “D” shape variation
    U Seals

  • Best for large, dynamic gap variations
  • Mounted on legs to track surface movement
  • Used in High Temperature Applications
    Bellows Seals

  • Used to seal Aircraft hatches and doors
  • Can handle some lateral movement
    Tadpole Seals

  • Low Pressure seal in edge mounts
  • Accepts some lateral load