At Goodyear Rubber Co of So Ca, we rubberize a number of custom caster-type wheels. No wheel too big and no production run too small for our standard and custom rubber casters. With short turn-around times and friendly customer service, we are always ready to serve.

Goodyear Rubber Casters
  • 21″ to 4″ diameter
  • Weapons Skid, Extra-Heavy Duty
  • Idler and Drive Wheels
  • Bushing and Flywheels
  • Any Elastomer: Urethane, Rubber or Silicone
  • Off Road Skateboards
  • Dual / Multiple Materials: Hi Load Bearing Cushion Treads
  • Conductive / Non-Conductive
  • No Run too small
Goodyear Rubber – Precision Elastomers Made in USA.
  • With 68 presses in operation, ranging in size from 10″ x 10″, to 36″ x 68″, and 48″ x 48″.
  • Injection presses ranging from 100-500 tons and Barwell pre-forms for accurate mold loading.
  • Complete insert pre-prep department for rubber to metal bonding and cryogenic deflashers.
  • High temperature Induction heating machine to reclaim metal inserts.
Our Capabilities
  • Aircraft Seals
  • Aircraft Clamps and Brackets
  • Bearing Pads
  • Specialty Seals
  • Casters and Wheels
  • Custom Molded Products for your Industry Applications
  • Canning Products
  • Over Molding-Different Polymers, Elastomers, Color Products
  • Products for FDA compliance and Medical Applications