Stator Tubes for Progressing cavity spray equipment, spray rigs and texture machines.

We make stator tubes in all sizes and elastomeric materials for various makes of progressing cavity spray equipment, rigs and texture machines. We supply all the major distributors in the United States and Canada. From drywall texturing to fireproofing to athletic floors, our tubes are used all across the United States. Our Quality is Guaranteed!!!

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  • Made in USA. Quality Guaranteed.
  • Sizes from 1L2 3 3/8” L x 1 ¼” OD to 3L10 42”L x 6” OD
  • Materials: Soft (50), Medium (60), Hard(70) Natural Rubber, Nitrile (70), Viton (70)
  • Can customize formula for your specific requirement.
  • Spray and Texture Rigs
  • Food Processing Pumps
Double threaded helix stators for single-screw rotary pumps.

In the rotor’s revolution within the stator, a series of sealed cavities 180 degrees apart are created. These cavities progress from suction to discharge as the rotor turns. As one cavity increases, the opposing cavity diminishes at exactly the same rate.

Stator Tube Naming
  • a. First Number indicates the number of stages
  • b. Letter indicates the Model, “L” is the standard relationship between housing, bearings, and drive shaft and the pumping element sizes. Variations can be made by adapting smaller element sizes to a larger drive end size
  • c. The final number indicates the size of the rotor-stator pumping elements