American Manufacturing Revival Led by Rubber and Tire Industry

At long last, US manufacturing appears to lie on the precipice of a pretty serious resurgence, propelled mostly by innovation and technology, a trend noticed by Goodyear Rubber in Southern California. A good example of this is carbon black, a key component of the rubber and tire industry, coming back to the US in a cleaner form.

Many of carbon black manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas. However, Monolith Materials just broke ground in October 2016 on their first commercial plant in Nebraska. The firm is engineering and producing carbon black in the US for the first time in 30 years.

One reason for the positive response is that the use of carbon black imported from China or Russia to meet tire production demands, meant longer supply chains leading to cost disadvantages.

Innovation, Quality and Sustainability

At the heart of the new carbon black is a natural gas, process-based technology, a sustainable answer for the industry to meet rubber demand. The Nebraska plant will use natural gas rather than the usual traditional crude oil to create carbon black.

This technology is backed by some of the tire industry’s biggest names including a former chairman and president of Michelin North America and is a boon for rubber and plastics customers globally.

About Goodyear Rubber

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