Muda – Lost Creativity

“Muda” is a Japanese term that refers to any activity that does not add value to the product or service being produced. In lean manufacturing, eliminating muda is a key strategy for improving productivity and efficiency. One type of muda that can have a negative impact on creativity in the workplace is “lost creativity.” This … Continued

Eliminating Muda

Studying muda, or waste, is an important step towards implementing lean manufacturing and improving efficiency in any production process. Here are some steps you can take to study muda: Identify the types of waste: There are generally considered to be seven types of waste in a production process, which are: overproduction, waiting, defects, overprocessing, excess … Continued

Muda – 7 Wastes

Muda is a Japanese term that refers to any type of waste or inefficiency in a process. It is commonly used in the context of lean manufacturing, which is a management philosophy that aims to eliminate waste in all forms to improve efficiency and productivity. There are seven types of muda, or waste, that are … Continued