Monsanto Processability Tester

The Monsanto Processability Tester is a widely used instrument in the rubber industry for measuring the viscosity of rubber compounds during processing. It is named after its developer, the Monsanto Chemical Company. The tester consists of a cylindrical die with a diameter of 0.1 inches and a length of 1 inch. A small amount of … Continued

Vented Rubber Extruders

Vented rubber extruders are designed to remove volatiles and air from the rubber material during the extrusion process. They are commonly used to produce rubber products that require a high degree of purity, such as medical tubing, food-grade products, and electrical insulation. The vented rubber extruder works by introducing a vacuum system into the extrusion … Continued

Banbury Internal Rubber Mixer

A Banbury mixer is a type of internal mixer used in the rubber industry for mixing and kneading rubber compounds. It was invented by Fernley H. Banbury in 1916. The Banbury mixer consists of two large rollers that rotate in opposite directions and a chamber between them where the rubber material is mixed. The rubber … Continued