Silicone Growth and the High Temperature Elastomer Market

The Silicone Growth and High Temperature Elastomer Makert was valued at $15 billion in 2015, the global silicone market is expected to leap to $20 billion by 2021 due to high demand of products.   The market is separated into five categories: Resins Elastomers Gels Fluids Other products The largest segment in 2015 was elastomers … Continued

Additive Choices

There are many material components you can discuss with your Goodyear Rubber representative that will match your rubber application needs including:       Fillers help performance and provide durability. Several types are available including carbon black reinforcing, hard clay semi-reinforcers and non-reinforcers such as calcium carbonate. Internal lubricants get mixed into the compound to … Continued

Rubber FAQs

Goodyear Rubber in Southern California molds rubber for commercial applications. Rubber is such an important aspect of all of our lives that we would like to touch on it in an FAQ format: Who first used rubber? Central and South American Indians appear to have understood and used the properties of rubber first. An early … Continued

Virtual Molding

Goodyear Rubber Company of Southern California molds elastomer. It is a complicated process of combining the process, materials, the mold design and molding machine capabilities. If there is a defect in the mold, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what part went wrong. However, virtual molding may help provide some of the answers and … Continued

Silicon custom rubber

Silicone Rubber

Goodyear Rubber Silicone Rubber parts which are known for their resistance to weather, acids, ozone, oxidation, staining, water and sunlight. Silicone rubber is different for other elastomers in that it is built on inorganic silicon and oxygen atoms. Silicone is inorganic. It does not occur as a single element in nature. All other elastomer types … Continued

rubber molding for medical devices

Rubber Molding in Medical Devices

Nearly everything we use contains some type of rubber component. Rubber molding is prevalent in commercial and industrial manufacturing to make toys, shoes, electronic devices, home merchandise, parts for the aerospace industry and countless other products. Manmade synthetic rubbers are also used to create mechanical seals, diving suits, sleeping bags, sewer pipes and for parts … Continued