Silicon custom rubber

Silicone Rubber

Goodyear Rubber Silicone Rubber parts which are known for their resistance to weather, acids, ozone, oxidation, staining, water and sunlight. Silicone rubber is different for other elastomers in that it is built on inorganic silicon and oxygen atoms. Silicone is inorganic. It does not occur as a single element in nature. All other elastomer types … Continued

nitrile rubber seals

Nitrile Rubber Seals

Nitrile rubber seals are manufactured for many uses especially in the aerospace and defense industry, sectors that Goodyear Rubber services. Below are some of the materials used in rubber seals: HPU Polyurethane: This high performance material that handles temperatures from -11 to 230°F, gets used as rod and piston seals in hydraulic cylinders and for … Continued