Vented Rubber Extruders

Vented rubber extruders are designed to remove volatiles and air from the rubber material during the extrusion process. They are commonly used to produce rubber products that require a high degree of purity, such as medical tubing, food-grade products, and electrical insulation. The vented rubber extruder works by introducing a vacuum system into the extrusion … Continued

Rubber Extrusion – Line takeoff speed

Line takeoff speed in rubber extrusion refers to the speed at which the extruded rubber product is pulled or drawn away from the extrusion die or head. This speed is also known as line speed or haul-off speed. The line takeoff speed is a critical parameter in rubber extrusion as it affects the quality of … Continued

Flow behavior of rubber compounds in Extrusion

Rubber compounds exhibit unique flow behavior during extrusion due to their viscoelastic properties. When a rubber compound is subjected to shear stress during extrusion, it experiences both viscous and elastic deformation. Initially, the rubber compound behaves as a solid and resists deformation due to its elastic properties. As the shear stress increases, the compound starts … Continued