Muda – Lost Creativity

“Muda” is a Japanese term that refers to any activity that does not add value to the product or service being produced. In lean manufacturing, eliminating muda is a key strategy for improving productivity and efficiency. One type of muda that can have a negative impact on creativity in the workplace is “lost creativity.” This … Continued

Processing Aids

Processing aids are a class of additives that are used in rubber compounds to improve processing characteristics, such as flow and dispersion, and to enhance the final properties of the cured rubber product. There are many different types of processing aids that can be used, and their selection depends on the specific application and processing … Continued

ANOVA Analysis of Variance

ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) is a statistical method used to test for significant differences between two or more groups or variables. It is often used in research studies to analyze the effects of one or more independent variables on a dependent variable. In an ANOVA study, the researcher first identifies the independent variables that are … Continued

¡Feliz Pascua!

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter! May this special day bring joy, happiness, and blessings to all!

Effect of Polarity with elastomers in steam immersion

The effect of polarity on elastomers in contact with steam depends on the specific type of elastomer and its chemical composition. Generally, elastomers with high polarity, such as fluorocarbon (FKM) and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), have better resistance to steam than those with low polarity, such as polyurethane (PU) and silicone (VMQ). When elastomers … Continued

Discover Nitrile Rubber

Nitrile rubber, also known as NBR (acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber), is a synthetic rubber copolymer composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene. It is a popular elastomer due to its excellent oil and fuel resistance, as well as its high tensile strength and resistance to abrasion, heat, and chemicals. Nitrile rubber is commonly used in automotive and industrial applications … Continued

Goodyear Purchases Poly Seal Industries

Bay Area Technical Rubber Goods Company snapped up by not so ‘Little’ Goodyear. Goodyear Rubber Co of So Ca is proud to announce the purchase of Berkeley California’s Poly Seal Industries from Dan Baker. Poly Seal had been manufacturing high quality rubber molded products for various industries since 1974. The purchase is effective January 1, … Continued

Rubber Molding: Compression Molding

Hi everyone, I get a lot of lot of molding requests from perspective customers. These prospects are almost never experts in rubber molding. Sometimes they will have had a plastic part molded in the past so the request often comes as something like this: ‘Do you do that injection molding?’. We do have injection molding … Continued

Rubber Bonding: adhesive Selector

Below is a list of single coat adhesive selectors for different polymer types: [wpdatatable id=4] I will write a subsequent blog making a more comprehensive list including 2 coat systems. Hope it helps.