Manufacturing Concerns about Additives

As you might suspect, there are manufacturing concerns and proposed solutions to them when compounding rubber with additives.

Inconsistent weighing caused by high scrap: Think about using pre-mixed, oil treated powders. They are easier to weigh and cleaner to handle. They are delivered to the compounding plant surface wetted for faster mixing and multi-ingredient for reduced weighing. They also contain the correct ratio of powders.

Too many ingredients to weight for each batch: Consider pre-weighed and packaged multi-compound powder blends, heat-sealed in a low-melt inclusion bag. Customized to the customer formulation, they reduce labor and heighten formulation accuracy.

HSE concerns: The best compounding service providers supply single and multi-component dispersion in clean and easy to handle forms. These include cubes, pellets, strips and slabs.

Mill cure addiction: Apply additives that use encapsulation technology made for rapid incorporation and single and multiple dispersions adaptable for custom needs.

Additives that address these concerns are important to efficient compound manufacturing because they:

  • Shorten mixing cycles
  • Reduce mixing time
  • Endure complete dispersion of active ingredients into the compound
  • Minimize airborne dust in transport
  • Simplify handling of difficult dry powders
  • Provide a safer work environment
  • Decrease labor requirements
  • Lower in-process losses
  • Improved process uniformity
  • Extend compound shelf life
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