Rubber Company visit from France!

This past week, 45 students from Arts & Métiers Paris Tech visited Goodyear Rubber Company of Southern California to learn about industrial engineering. These students were given a tour of the new plant and learned all about Goodyear Rubber’s history. Students got to see firsthand how Goodyear Rubber Company’s facility runs and compare it to other companies they are affiliated with back home in France.

President Christian Groche gave a detailed presentation about Goodyear Rubbers history and their capabilities as a company.
This learning opportunity helped students understand the application of industrial engineering in an organization as well as the workings of a plant. No need to worry about the language barrier, Goodyear Rubber Company’s President, Christian Groche, is fluent in French and guided the group of students throughout the day. Groche, along with other managers, facilitated the visit by answering questions and interacting with the students to ensure they got the most out of their visit.

Thank you for visiting!
Thank you for visiting!
Our team at Goodyear Rubber Company of Southern California was very honored to host these students from Arts & Métiers Paris Tech. We were excited to see young adults who are interested in contributing to the industrial engineering world. We enjoyed educating them for the day and wish these students and their advisers the very best in their future endeavors.

Au revoir!

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