Rubber Molding in Medical Devices

rubber molding for medical devices

Nearly everything we use contains some type of rubber component.

Rubber molding is prevalent in commercial and industrial manufacturing to make toys, shoes, electronic devices, home merchandise, parts for the aerospace industry and countless other products. Manmade synthetic rubbers are also used to create mechanical seals, diving suits, sleeping bags, sewer pipes and for parts in motorhomes.

Rubber Molding in Medical Devices allows Flexibility in Design

The beauty of rubber is that it can be made to fit any dimension from parts the size of millimeters to pieces that fit large machines and equipment. The flexibility of rubber is important because most parts need to retain a top performance level, reliability, durability and dimensional stability. This, added to the toughness of rubber, provides designers the freedom to develop products for medical use.

Medical Rubber Molding

Industrial rubber molders can successfully make the transition to creating molding for medical parts. The two applications are similar because of the sophistication of the industrial rubber manufacturing process. Also, rubber is perfect for safety-critical applications such as medical devices. However, manufacturers need to be open to a diverse set of scientific compression, transfer and injection molding principles.

One advantage in producing molding for medical devices is the fact that hundreds of thousands of pieces can be produced for items like blood vial stoppers, syringe cups and other common medical equipment and supplies. It can be a good partnership for medical device manufacturers and rubber suppliers.

About Good Year Rubber, Medical Rubber Manufacturer

Goodyear Rubber is a world class custom rubber manufacturer based in Southern California, offering turnkey elastomer solutions, from material formulation and part design to small and large scale production. We mix, mold, extrude, calender and cover. No matter what your rubber needs are, Goodyear has you covered.

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