Silicone Rubber

Silicon custom rubber

Goodyear Rubber Silicone Rubber parts which are known for their resistance to weather, acids, ozone, oxidation, staining, water and sunlight. Silicone rubber is different for other elastomers in that it is built on inorganic silicon and oxygen atoms. Silicone is inorganic. It does not occur as a single element in nature. All other elastomer types are organic as they contain a carbon-carbon chain atomic structure.

A unique feature of silicone is that it retains tensile strength and flexibility at very high and low temperatures from 600° to -150° Fahrenheit. Silicone is sought after when mechanical strength and / or shape retention is desired under extreme temperatures. See our rubber physical characteristics table.

Another factor in selecting silicone is that because of its structure, it is stable against most chemicals and is highly inert. Some common applications of silicone include medical implants, door and window sealing for aircraft and for consumer / industrial sealant products.

While silicone is resistant to the forces and agents listed above; it can be breached by ketones, solvents, impact, abrasion and hydrocarbons.

Parts formed from silicone rubber have a greater shelf life than those formed from organic compounds. Silicone parts typically carry a 20 year shelf life.

Automotive Industry Uses of Silicone

Grease made from silicone is widely used as a lubricant for brake parts because it is not water soluble, it’s stable at high temperatures and does not go bad.

Multiple layers of silicone are used as insulation in automotive spark plugs to prevent sparks from hopping to adjacent wires, causing misfires.

Gaskets for engines, transmissions and other engine parts are formed from sheet silicone.

About Goodyear Rubber

Goodyear Rubber manufactures rubber for applications for the aerospace, defense, food processing, construction, commercial, automotive, canning, sporting goods, mining and material handling sectors.

Goodyear Rubber takes care of all components of the rubber manufacturing process from design through production. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and ROHS compliant. Contact us at (909) 987-1774 or for more information on how we can help you.

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