Virtual Molding

Goodyear Rubber Company of Southern California molds elastomer. It is a complicated process of combining the process, materials, the mold design and molding machine capabilities. If there is a defect in the mold, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what part went wrong. However, virtual molding may help provide some of the answers and prevent production problems.

Virtual Molding

Virtual molding takes the most relevant aspects of the process and sees how they act in a simulation of live production. Elements of the complete injection molding process include time, temperature, elastomer material properties and insulation properties, wattage, the thermos-physical mold and the thermocouple location.

The simulation takes into account fill speed, melt temperature, pressure limit, mold opening and closing times and post-curing times. All of these inputs provide a comprehensive assessment of possible production issues during simulation.

The virtual modeling analysis uses CAD or specialized software that is imported and converted into millions of calculation points to compute the rapidly changing environment. While in process, real time graphs reflect what is occurring and at what point during the preheating and production cycles.

Virtual modeling is a different approach to understanding injection molded elastomers because it is calculated to align with a real world production environment. It is an innovative undertaking that makes production visible.

About Goodyear Rubber

Goodyear Rubber manufactures rubber mixes, molds, extrusions, rubber sheeting and roll covering. We are based in Southern California and offer turnkey, comprehensive rubber manufacturing solutions to customers in the aerospace, defense, construction, commercial, canning, sporting goods, automotive, mining, food processing and material handling sectors.

Goodyear Rubber is involved in all aspects of the rubber manufacturing process from design through production with the goal of complete customer satisfaction.We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and ROHS compliant. Contact us at (909) 987-1774 or or visit for more information.

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