8 P’s of Lean

The 8 P’s of Lean refer to a framework used in lean manufacturing and business processes. They are:

Purpose: A clear and concise statement of the objective of the process or activity. This helps to keep the focus on the goal and align all efforts towards achieving it.

Process: A well-defined and structured approach to achieving the purpose. This includes the steps, inputs, outputs, and controls required to produce the desired outcome.

People: The individuals involved in the process or activity, including their skills, knowledge, and attitudes. People are critical to the success of any lean initiative, and they must be properly trained, motivated, and empowered to make the necessary improvements.

Partners: The external stakeholders who are involved in the process or activity, including suppliers, customers, and other third parties. Collaborating with partners is essential to creating a seamless value stream that meets customer needs.

Products/Services: The goods or services produced by the process or activity. These must meet the needs and expectations of the customer while minimizing waste and maximizing value.

Place: The physical environment where the process or activity takes place. This includes the layout, equipment, and facilities used to support the work.

Promotion: The communication and marketing efforts used to promote the products or services produced by the process or activity. Effective promotion is essential to creating demand and driving sales.

Performance: The measurement and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and improve the effectiveness of the process or activity. Performance metrics help identify areas for improvement and track progress towards achieving the purpose.

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