Custom Rubber Molding Solutions: Eliminating Porosity, Bubbles and Voids

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I’m offering a few tips today on eliminating or reducing Porosity, air bubbles and voids in Custom Rubber parts. Here at Goodyear, we solve problems. We are committed to being your custom rubber solutions supplier. Porocity, air bubbles and voids can occur in a few different processes, namely mixing and in forming. In the mixer, one key for us is proper dispersion. At Goodyear, we always check the fill factor and loading levels, making sure they are not too low to achieve proper dispersion. Overmastication of a rubber stock is another factor that can lead to problems with porosity. At Goodyear, we monitor and control our mixing processes to consistently produce good batches of material. Downstream process can affect porosity as well. We’ve found that moisture in uncured stock or simply holding the uncured stock for more than a few days can impart porosity to the vulcanized finished parts. Here at Goodyear, all compound is stored in our indoor warehouse to control things like heat history and humidity.
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Flynn Sears

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