The Importance of Material Traceability

Material Traceability is important to Goodyear Rubber Company of Southern California because it allows for identification of all aspects used in a part. Since Goodyear Rubber Company cares so much about Material Traceability , they have created high standards for their multiple types of products offered.

Goodyear Rubber Company has nothing to hide. Specializing in extrusion, molding, calendering, mixing and covering, Goodyear proudly uses the most pure and durable materials available. Ranging from natural rubber, silicone and different types of polymers, customers can be confident that the materials in their products will last. The more Goodyear knows about its own materials, the better the products will be and the safer they will be made. Not only will products made with traceable materials be the highest of quality but also meet many stringent standards of industries like automotive and aerospace.

In all. Material Traceability plays a big part in Goodyear Rubber Company of Southern California’s mission to manufacture high quality custom rubber products in a safe & clean environment with sustained growth and increased productivity.

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