Rubber Extrusion – Line takeoff speed

Line takeoff speed in rubber extrusion refers to the speed at which the extruded rubber product is pulled or drawn away from the extrusion die or head. This speed is also known as line speed or haul-off speed.

The line takeoff speed is a critical parameter in rubber extrusion as it affects the quality of the extruded product. The speed at which the product is pulled away from the die affects the cross-sectional dimensions, surface finish, and physical properties of the final product.

If the line takeoff speed is too high, the extruded product may experience deformation, distortion, or even breakage. On the other hand, if the line takeoff speed is too low, the extruded product may become over-stretched or may not maintain its desired dimensions.

The optimal line takeoff speed depends on various factors, including the type of rubber material, the dimensions of the extruded product, and the extrusion process parameters such as temperature, pressure, and screw speed.

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