Success at Industrial Vendor Fair

Goodyear Rubber Company of Southern California recently attended the AIST Southern California Vendor Fair on Thursday May 14, 2015. Goodyear Rubber was honored to be a part of this industrial vendor fair and be able to share its products with an audience. Industrial vendor fairs are great for networking among one’s business sector but also great for reaching out to new customers. The following are three tips Goodyear Rubber uses to stand out at a vendor fair.

1. Strategic Planning
Before any industrial vendor fair or trade show, it is important to figure out what the plan is for executing a successful booth. Setting a tangible goal helps Goodyear Rubber employees present their best products and reach out to new audiences.
2. Teamwork
Goodyear Rubber believes that team work makes the dream work. Bouncing ideas off each other can create a positive atmosphere for collaboration therefore creating new possibilities. Goodyear Rubber strategically picks an industrial vendor fair team from its employees to represent the company. This team is well trained in everything regarding the rubber industry and is confident with reaching out to new and existing customers.
3. Follow Up
Customer service begins the minute you meet a potential customer. Obtaining a new contact means to keep them in the loop about anything new from Goodyear Rubber. A customer should be taken care of the minute an order is placed through the entire life span of the product. Goodyear prides itself on having excellent customer service and communication skills.

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