Urethane Products at Goodyear Rubber Company

Goodyear Rubber Company of Southern California has been manufacturing custom urethane products for over 30 years. Goodyear proudly produces durable, withstanding urethane products to be used for various applications.

Urethane products can assume properties of materials like metal, plastic and even conventional rubber but without the density and rigidness.

Urethane has many benefits due to its characteristics.

-High resistance to abrasion and impact
-Outstanding elastic memory
-Remarkable toughness, resilience and longevity
-Flex fatigue resistance
-Superior load bearing capacity
-Weather/marine tolerance
-Easily molded
-Ability to bond to metal and various materials

Just like Goodyear Rubber Company’s other prestigious products, urethane is made with precision and accuracy. Customer service begins the minute an order is taken. Goodyear’s employees strive to design the perfect product for its customers and promises to meet every specification in the market.

Goodyear Rubber Company promises to meet its mission when creating urethane products,

Manufacturing of high quality custom rubber products in a safe & clean environment with sustained growth and increased productivity.

Contact Goodyear Rubber Company today and see how we can better serve you.

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