Urethane Products are being produced at Goodyear Rubber Company

Urethane products are just as popular as rubber products today.
Did you know that Goodyear Rubber Company of Southern California has been custom molding urethane products for over 30 years? According to our product specialists at Goodyear Rubber, urethane is a flexible material that can be used for many versatile applications. Because of its versatility, urethane can assume properties of materials like metal, plastic and even conventional rubber but without the density and rigidness.

Urethane has many benefits due to its characteristics. Some highlights are:

  • High resistance to abrasion and impact
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding elastic memory
  • Remarkable toughness, resilience and longevity
  • Flex fatigue resistance
  • Superior load bearing capacity
  • Weather/marine tolerant
  • Easily molded
  • Ability to bond to metal and various materials

Not only can Goodyear Rubber help design your next urethane products, but we will also help you choose the correct material to meet your requests.

Our technical engineers and product specialists promise to guide you through the manufacturing process in order to solve your problems using urethane.

Make sure to stay connected with Goodyear Rubber of Southern California to see how we can serve you.

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