V.O.C.’s and adhesives

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are organic chemicals that easily vaporize at room temperature. They are commonly found in adhesives, coatings, and other industrial products. Exposure to high levels of VOCs can have negative health effects, including respiratory problems and damage to the central nervous system.

Chemlok adhesives are a type of adhesive used in the bonding of rubber to metal in industrial applications. Chemlok adhesives are designed to provide excellent adhesion, durability, and resistance to heat, chemicals, and environmental factors. However, some formulations of Chemlok adhesives contain VOCs, which can be released during the application and curing process.

To address this issue, manufacturers have developed low-VOC formulations of Chemlok adhesives. These adhesives are designed to provide the same performance characteristics as their high-VOC counterparts while minimizing the release of harmful chemicals into the environment.

When using Chemlok adhesives, it is important to follow proper safety procedures to minimize exposure to VOCs. This may include wearing protective clothing and equipment, ensuring adequate ventilation in the work area, and following proper disposal procedures for unused adhesive and solvent materials.

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